Holderness family sailing site

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Hopefully, this site will share a few of our sailing experiences. It's been an "on again, off again" ride as we progressed through marriage, children, houses, more children...

May 2004 we got back into sailing after purchasing a badly neglected Matilda 20. Have a browse of the site and see what we do in our spare time (spare time? what's that?).

April 2006 saw a bad case of "2 foot itis" with the purchase of a 1992 Mac classic (26C) and the subsequent sale of the Matilda. 

May 2014 and Kota Bharu came to us about five years ahead of schedule. We had planned to purchase a larger boat closer to retirement and preferably an Aloha 32. But, the right boat in the right condition and things changed. We looked her over close to Mothers Day 2014 and purchased her the following week on our 36th wedding anniversary.

Chris & Lenore


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